Youth Adventure

If you are 13 to 17 years old, this course is designed with you in mind. Improve your English while having fun! In the morning, our informal classroom environment encourages you to speak freely with your classmates as you do role-plays and work in small groups. Your teacher will take you outside the classroom to meet Americans and practice your English in Real World situations. Go on exciting group activities every afternoon and practice your English with an American host family.

  • Practice listening and speaking skills through the introduction of new vocabulary including American idioms and slang
  • Excel in the rhythm and intonation of American English
  • Improve listening comprehension through activities and communicative exercises
  • Learn grammar in context
  • Connect your experiences outside of class to the skills you learn in class and immediately use the language you acquire
  • Take weekly quizzes to monitor your improvement
  • Participate in activities including word games, jazz chants, interviews, discussions and role-plays
  • Interview Americans outside the classroom in the UC Berkeley campus


Recreational and cultural activities in the afternoon are selected to appeal to a wide range of interests. Activities vary seasonally and according to availability. All transportation and entrance fees are included in the program package. Examples of typical activities are:

Oakland Museum of California History; Lawrence Hall of Science UC Berkeley campus; San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf; UC Berkeley Department visit; Ferry trip from San Francisco to Sausalito.


Most students participating in this course stay in homestay with American host families through the Orinda Homestay Program. We have found that the teens gain a deeper understanding of American culture when they live with an American family and fully participate in family life. The homestay experience also gives students additional opportunities for fluency practice and vocabulary development. Our students report that their homestay experience is a highlight of their time in the United States. Homestay accommodations include full board, breakfast - bag lunch – dinner. Please see the housing page for more information on homestay.

LEVELS: Beginning to Advanced

CLASS SIZE: Average of 14 students

CLASS HOURS: 15 class hours plus 15 hours of activities per week

Classes and Activities
Arrival at SFO Airport; Free time with host family
1:00pm- 4:00pm
English Classes   Focus Education in the US
Walking tour of UC Berkeley campus
English Classes   Focus on Science and Innovation
Meet chartered bus
Visit Lawrence Hall of Science
English Classes   Focus on Nature
Ferry ride to Sausalito
12:15 pm
English Classes   Focus on California History
BART (subway) to San Francisco:
Group visit of Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39
English Classes Focus on American Recreation
Meet chartered bus
Trip to Six Flags Marine World
Free time with host family


Summer Fun Every Year

Starts End of July


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