Students talk about their experience studying English. Listen to what they have to say.



"Great teaching staff! not only did I dramatically improve my English, but I also got to meet people from all over the world. I had class with Saudi Arabians, Brazilians and a Polish man. I highly recommend ESI for studying English in America." Risa O.



"I studied at ESI for 4 months. ESI helped me a lot with improving my English! The teachers there were all helpful and friendly. They taught me not only English, but also about American culture. ESI has a lot of events which were interesting and good experiences for me. I had a great time there." Audrey J.



"I have participated in ESI's language exchange program - where the students from ESI and U.C. Berkeley get together to help each other get more comfortable with each other's languages. English is not my first language. I wish I had studied at ESI way before. I really suggest everybody who wants to learn English as their second language to study at ESI, because you can learn English in an English-speaking environment. I also made great connections with local students, and experienced the diversity of cultures in Berkeley." Airton T.





Collaboration with the University of California, Berkeley

ESI collaborates with UC Berkeley to provide accent improvement and English language pronunciation to UC Berkeley international students.

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