Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is ESI different from other schools?

    ESI is an independent institute which is not an international franchise business.
    This gives ESI the ability to customize language learning to each student's needs.
    Our teachers and staff create an atmosphere that feels like home-away-from-home.
    We become a part of your extended family!

  • Where are the classes located?

    Classes take place in the ESI building adjacent to the U.C. Berkeley campus.
    Classes also take place on the world famous, U.C. Berkeley campus.

  • How qualified are your teachers?

    All our teachers have Master's degrees specializing in Teaching English as a Second Language.
    They have an average of ten years teaching experience.
    Our teachers have all learned foreign languages and understand the needs of language learners.

  • What current teaching methodologies are used?

    Using the communicative approach to teaching English, ESI teachers maximize student talk in the classroom.
    We believe you must speak English to learn English.
    Teachers incorporate the use of up-to-date technologies such as smart phones, web-based research and instruction to help you practice English.

  • How many levels do you have and how will I know what my level will be?

    On the first day of each course you will take a level placement test.
    ESI offers elementary through high-advanced levels.

  • Do students have opportunities to speak with native speakers and university students?

    ESI's Cal Partners Program provides the unique opportunity for you to get to know an U.C. Berkeley student and spend time outside of class exchanging language.

  • Does the school provide academic counseling for university tranfer?

    For students transfering to an American university or college, ESI counselors will meet with you one-on-one to help you with the complex application process.
    Our partner universities are an excellent option for conditional admission and transfer.

  • Are activities outside of class included? How many per week?

    ESI offers fun, after-class activities.
    Join the fun and go to a sports activity, musical in the city, international dinner, or a professional ball game two or three times per week.

  • Do I need medical insurance?

    ESI requires all students to have medical insurance. Affordable options are available to you when you apply.


"I really liked the way of teaching at ESI. There were controversial discussions during class which were very interesting and made me talk and learn in English"
Renata V


"My teacher at ESI was very clear and easy to understand. She stayed after class and helped me with my essay writing. I will never forget her teaching"
Dominique T




Year-round enrollment

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  • July 5, 2016
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  • November 28, 2016

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