Quality Instruction

Highly Qualified, Experienced Instructors

Learning another language is not easy. It makes sense to invest your money wisely, and surround yourself with qualified and experienced professionals, in an environment geared to learning. Our select team of instructors are highly specialized with Master's degrees in Teaching English as a second language. ESI teachers have an average of fifteen years of teaching experience, understand the needs of language learners, and have a true passion for teaching English. We encourage you to look at our faculty and staff page and see for yourself the diverse experience and education of ESI teachers.

Superior Teaching Methodology

We believe you must communicate in English to learn English. ESI uses a communicative approach to learning English. Student centered assignments such as interviews with native speakers, presentations, pair activities, group discussions, and educational field trips allow participants to gain confidence and speak with ease. Teachers incorporate the use of up-to-date technologies such as smart phones and web-based research and use project based learning to keep learning relevant. ESI provides an environment where a student has constant opportunity to communicate in English as a primary method for learning the language.

Individual Attention

ESI instruction is adjusted to the individual class and the individual student’s needs. As a small independent school we are able to provide the training that is right for each student instead of a corporate model with one fixed approach for all. One-on-one academic counseling is always available for students.







Year-round enrollment

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